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EMS Training Mallorca has an outstanding effect because nearly all the large muscle groups are simultaneous activated and trained - even the hard-to-reach muscles on the waist and hips! No jojo-effect:Metabolic and enzyme activity is increased, and energy consumption rises.


The musculature is built up, excessive fat is converted into energy and successfully reduced – an effect that continues for hours after the training!

The results are visible: effective and sustained body shaping from the buildup of fat-free muscle mass with the simultaneous reduction of excessive body fat. The powerful muscle contractions stimulate collagen production and blood flow in the skin. Energy consumption is increased long-term. Weight and fat are reduced and the metabolism is quickened.Muscles are visibly toned with greater definition and firmness. Up to a certain age, cellulite can be prevented or fought. Cellulite: Anti-cellulite treatment needs activity and stimulation. Instead of only treating the surface, EMS Training activates the muscular and connective tissue in its entirety which leads to better circulation and the reduction of superfluous fat cells. The result is a firmer, tighter outlook

EMS training is an optimal solution for lasting weight-loss and fat removal. Healthy eating alone is not enough, you need effective, regular training to reduce fat in problem areas. With EMS training you can focus specifically on your stomach, waist, hips, thighs or even your bingo wings.

Improved circulation: EMS training enhances circulation through all connective tissue which helps improve skin tone; the removal of metabolic byproducts and toxins in the lymph glands. It also helps stimulate internal organs and peristalsis. Wellbeing made easy!


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