Muscle bulding

Increase of muscle formation and definition

Muscular strength plays a special role as a basis for individual performance.

High performance is only possible if there is sufficient muscular stability.

Deep, stabilizing muscles are difficult to reach with conventional methods. EMS Training Mallorca uses electro stimulation to achieve stronger and more intense muscle contractions than a voluntary exertion can achieve alone. Depending on intensity and individual goals, you can build muscles and achieve better definition while also making them stronger and more responsive – your muscles simply become more efficient.

EMS Training Mallorca makes it possible, through simultaneous activation of the entire musculature – to train highly effectively while saving time.

The training can be combined with active, sports-specific movements like boxing, pilates, golf...That means the extra strength can match the target movements of the sport very effectively. Researches by Bayreuth University and the German Sports University in Cologne have shown that EMS training is up to 18 times more effective than a conventional fitness work-out at gym!

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