relief instead of stress 


Back pain is still the No. 1 ailment in the population at large.

Young and old are affected in equal measure. Stress, unilateral strains, and neglect of the back musculature are the main sources of the complaints.

Due to avoidance over time, the conditions become chronic and further intensify and so the vicious cycle starts all over again, but there is a way out:

targeted back training with EMS Training Mallorca.



With special, individually controllable training, even the more deeply situated muscle groups are activated and strengthened. Conventional training can hardly reach them, if at all. The spinal column gains stability. The back is unburdened perceptibly. Certain muscular dysbalances are evened out and the lumbal muscles are strengthened – the ideal way to a healthy, strong back.

EMS and rehabilitation & health Wellbeing at all levels: EMS training has a therapeutic effect as it promotes a feeling of physical and mental wellbeing.



Back pain is the most common ailment among the general population. One of the main causes is muscular imbalance in the torso caused by poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle. miha bodytec EMS training targets and strengthens the deeper layers of the torso muscle group which helps alleviate back pain as these deep muscles are difficult to activate with conventional methods.

Rehabilitation and mobility: After injury or an operation, your muscle volume and strength decreases. Training with EMS provides optimal support when it comes to gently rebuilding a specific muscle or muscle groups. All exercises can be performed in either a horizontal or a standing position.


Bladder weakness is a common and embarrassing condition. Training with miha bodytec can prevent and relieve incontinence by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles after just a few sessions.

EMS training is especially beneficial for women suffering from post-pregnancy bladder weakness.


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