What do I have to pay attention to before the training?

Eat a carbohydrate-rich meal 2 1/2 to 3 hours prior.

Do not eat anything within 2 hours before training.

Drink at least 0.5 litres still water 30 - 45 minutes prior.

How long is the result of the EMS Training maintained?

This of course always depends on the individual case. Because we achieve much more in a shorter time than with conventional fitness training, the results are likely to be achieved in a shorter time and maintained for a long time too.

Why does one have to train only 2x a week with EMS Training?

It’s sufficient! The EMS Training is so intensive that also longer regeneration times should be adhered to.

What does EMS Training feel like?

During the EMS Training, all skeletal muscles are activated at the same time. In this way, one experiences a very intensive training feeling.

Is the EMS Training also recommended for those with big weight problems?

Very much so, the EMS Training is especially recommended when weight problems are of concern as there is no stress on the joints. Due to the high metabolic activity during and still lasting for hours after the EMS training a high work volume is caused and the basal volume increases long-term through a gain of muscle mass. With a parallel proceeding healthy nutrition, weight can be reduced appropriately and sustainably. By weight and fat diminution it can be noticed that women training with EMS Training also realise a diminution of the girth primarily in the area of the problem zones: Waist, hip and thighs. A tightening of the chest and arms can also be achieved.

Can the current cause harm to my heart during the EMS Training?

No. The use of low-frequency impulse current is widely used in training and rehabilitation therapy. Muscles are electrochemical organs and need electrical impulses from the central nervous system to contract. EMS technology uses this natural principle but can intensify the contraction by applying electrodes directly above the muscle. The heart is embedded in the pericardium which completely isolates it from this form of impulses. Several broad peer-reviewed studies could not detect any harmful effects.

Can I build as many muscles through the EMS Training as through normal training?

During EMS Training 90% of all muscles between two electrodes are activated simultaneously with EACH contraction cycle. Compared to conventional weight training, also the deeper muscles are being activated which leads to better intra and intermuscular coordination. Based on these scientifically proven facts, you achieve highly effective results in a short period of time. Considering the contraction time and -intensity for the trained muscles, the effect of up to 20 minutes training is comparable to several hours of conventional weight training, which in turn means quickly visible and tangible results. Significant changes can be observed already after 3-6 EMS Trainings.

How many times a week do I have to perform EMS Training to build muscles and shape up?

We recommend 2 training sessions for 20 minutes a week. Thus the pauses are not too long and the body still has enough time to regenerate. You can opt for 3 times a week if you require faster results. Please get in touch with us to get the most recommended program for you.

Can I also perform the EMS Training during pregnancy?

No. Although until today there are no insights that the training on the EMS Training could harm the unborn child, it is not recommended.

Who should not perform EMS Training?

EMS should not be undertaken by people with cardiac pacemakers, epilepsy, cancer and thrombosis as well as during pregnancy. It is not recommended that those with multiple sclerosis or acute infections use EMS. Your trainer will take a medical history at the start of the session to ensure it is safe for you to work out.