Muscular strength plays a special role as a basis for individual performance. High performance is only possible if there is sufficient muscular stability. Deep, stabilizing muscles are difficult to reach with conventional methods.

EMS Training Mallorca has an outstanding effect because nearly all the large muscle groups are simultaneous activated and trained - even the hard-to-reach muscles on the waist and hips! No jojo-effect:Metabolic and enzyme activity is increased, and energy consumption rises. 

With special, individually controllable training, even the more deeply situated muscle groups are activated and strengthened. The spinal column gains stability. The back is unburdened perceptibly. Certain muscular dysbalances are evened out and the lumbal muscles are strengthened – the ideal way to a healthy, strong back.

Many people suffer from a muscular imbalance in their back, stomach or pelvis floor which often results in recurring back pain. With EMS training you can target specific problem areas and help strengthen weaker muscle groups to correct imbalances.

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