Franziska is a qualified sports scientist with extensive experience in medical training therapy, the EMS Training and Vibration Training.

As a student at the German Sport University of Cologne she quickly discoverd her strong motivation to accompany people in their training and health process with a selection of the optimal training methods. Since 2006, Franziska works independently as a Personal Trainer and sports therapist and expanded - not only due to the individual objectives of her clients and patients - constantly her variety and  repertoire of exercises , which particularly distinguishes her work.

Franziska loves the challenge of living in different cultures. So it went, that Franziska, born in Münster , after a scholarship at Griffith University Brisbane and the completion of her Diploma in Sports Science (6 years university degree) moved in 2012 to Mallorca , where she lives since then. She continued the Personal Training with the EMS Training Mallorca and offers mobile EMS Training where ever you want.

She spends her free time with her friends, traveling or enjoying outdoor sports activities in Mallorca. Franziska enjoys life on the island, particularly outdoor activities in the water, in the mountains or with a Café con Leche in Santa Catalina.


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