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No time? No excuse!

Only 2 x 20 min per weeek is sufficent to feel good and look better!

Training and Service

Excercise wherever you want!

With the latest and most mobile technology, it is now possible to excercise in any place you want: at the beach, on the yacht, in the office or in the comfort of  your home. I'm coming with everything we need to your home. You will enjoy the most effective and comfortable workout with your own Personal Trainer

In your home

Depending where and how frequently you want to train, the prices are starting from 79 €.

5 Star Hotel OD Portals

  • 5 session card from 375€

  • Individual Training from 78€


This year you have the opportunitiy to give health and fitness to your loved one! It takes only 5 sessions to see and feel a remarkable difference.
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