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EMS Training

EMS Personal Training Mallorca

No Time & No Excuses!

  • EMS stands for “Electro Muscular Stimulation" its a full body workout using impulse current

  • With EMS Training with EasyMotion Skin you gain rapid strength in a shorter period of time​

  • In fact 20 minutes of EMS training is as effective as 3 training sessions of 90 minutes of a general weight work-out according to research results!​

What is EMS training

EMS stands for “Electro Muscular Stimulation”.

Muscles are additionally stimulated through electrodes while doing a series exercises.

Wireless and free

The EMS suits from EasyMotion Skin allow maximum freedom of movement and, thanks to dry electrodes, a completely new training experience.
Restrictive cabling is a thing of the past thanks to cables incorporated into the suit as well as Bluetooth® function.

EasyMotionSkin stands for maximum freedom of movement during EMS Training
EMS Training with EMS Mallorca and EasyMotion Skin combines all the important elements of an effective workout:
Thanks to Bluetooth® technology and innovative high-tech components, it is now possible to combine EMS training with any form of exercise such as yoga, aerobics, cycling or jogging.

Thanks to the medically developed regeneration programs, the MotionSkin can also be used for regeneration and relaxation after a workout or in case of muscle tension.

During EMS training with EasyMotion Skin, you can simultaneously build up your muscles in a targeted manner, improve your strength endurance, strengthen your back muscles, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, activate your fat metabolism, firm your connective tissue and much more within one training session.

Each training session is individually adapted to your objectives and needs.
In this way, you can achieve extraordinary results in a short time.

How does it works

EasyMotion Skin is an EMS system that stimulates muscles through electrical impulses.


Patented dry electrodes in the MotionSkin make it conductive to skin moisture so you can complete your EMS training without an additional moistening or functional base layer.

The heart of the system, the PowerBox, is connected to the MotionSkin in a simple way and then connected to the App via Bluetooth. This enables wireless EMS training with simple handling and maximum efficiency.

More than 300 muscles simultaneous are stimulated including the hard to reach deep muscle layer which protects our skeleton and improves stability.


All major muscle groups, as well as all muscles in between and/or deeper (e.g. pelvic floor and deep back muscles), are stimulated and trained simultaneously by means of electrical impulses, so that almost 100% of the entire striated musculature (skeletal or locomotor muscles) can be trained at the same time.

The high training efficiency keeps the body sustainably fit, healthy and resistant.

With no other piece of sports equipment is it possible to achieve such outstanding results with such a small amount of time spent training. The well-being and attitude to life improve already after a short time.

33 different training programs allow individual training, according to your needs and goals. Each of these programs has been
developed on a medical basis and scientifically validated.

With EMS Mallorca you achieve visible and tangible success in a very short time. The training is not painful or harmful to your body.

EMS Personal Training
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